"Rebuilding the Nest"

A family can come as a group to groom, bond and spend time with horses, hens, and nature - carefree and peaceful.  One-on-one coaching is available for parents, as an option.

"Kids Care n'Share"

In these 8-week programs, children ages 5 through 12 meet to re-learn empathy, cooperation, respect, teamwork, accountability, love and trust.  Tractor hay rides, pony rides, horse care. Just a great, fun time of bonding and learning.

"Youth Leadership 


We are inspiring the next generation of community leaders. Mentoring, after school activities. This is a results-driven approach to learning followship and leadership. Goal setting, strategies for what's beyond the last day of school is explored.

"Discovery in Recovery"

We do not need to see the whole staircase - just to take the first step.  Again, the horses challenge us to be responsible, make decisions, to embrace accountability and enjoy results. Overnight?  No, merely one day at a time.


"Equine o'Mine"

A small group of children get to spend time with one of our "Partner Ponies", caring for and learning from them together for 3 week patterns. Equine Anatomy, Nutrition and Health, and pony rides are all part of this powerful engagement of Horse and Human.

"Veterans Victory"

Horses have a unique way of assessing our motives, intentions, and they also know when we need congruent communication.  This is a chance to honor and serve those who served US, and to offer a journey of new empowerment and focus on good outcomes.

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