Support Our Projects

There is a saying, "It Takes the Village", that surely applies to our Mission.

There are ongoing programs, special events and projects in the Foundation which need YOUR help, if we are to fully benefit families, youth, veterans, and other special needs groups with whom we come in contact.

Horses are the modality for our experiential learning model, but our hens certainly vocalize their contributions, as well.  It's a rather profound method that is well documented for its powerful impact where we witness lasting change - that comes from within.

We revisit some classical instruction, we utilize writing and reciting, ensuring a true mind, body, spirit connection to promote learning that allows for growth and opportunity for potential to be embraced, nurtured, and realized.

​     Latest project: "Youth Leadership


Developing teamwork and leadership in our young people through mentoring and real empowerment in-and-out-of the classroom.


Being around the horses is a life-changing method for re-learning empathy, respect, communication and trust.

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